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F.L.Y.stands for "First Love Yourself" in recognition of the struggle that many trans people have with internalized transphobia. Just as the butterfly takes wing, this group uses peer support to help trans and gender questioning people become who they truly are.

Our group started in January 2016. In the span of a year, over 500 chairs were filled with people for our support group sessions.


We offer peer support to people in Nova Scotia who are transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, gender queer, bi-gender, two spirited, gender questioning and are 19 or over. As well as their partners and loved ones.


It is important to note that all our meetings take place in K'Jipuktuk, the unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people.

To learn more, please contact us or check us out on Facebook

We are deeply grateful to the Alderney Landing Library for their continuous support.

Our Vision

Peer Support

We are not therapists, but peers who have a passion for supporting each other. We believe that peer support is an effective way to create joy in the community.

Creating Community

By holding these sessions we aim to create a strong community for transgender adults living in Nova Scotia

Public Pride

One of the reasons we meet at the Alderney Landing Library is that existing in public as a trans person is a radical act in our society. We are deeply grateful to the library for giving us the space to be safe and proud. 


First Love Yourself currently meets on a bi-weekly basis, with one meeting per month focusing on specific gender identities (ie. transfeminine, trans masculine, and non binary), the other being an all-trans support session.

Our meetings are held in  the Alderney Landing Library in the Maxine Tynes Room, unless otherwise stated on our Facebook page.


You can often find us at public LGBTQ+ events, such as the Halifax Pride Parade, Trans Day of Rememberance, and Trans Day of Visibility.

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